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Three business areas

We are a consulting and development company for System Integration, Enterprise Architecture, DevOps and Enterprise Decision Management solution.

Since 2013 TRIA has made changes to its business model: from a vertical structure to the division of responsibilities into three business areas .

  • Architecture

  • DevOps

  • Enterprise Decision Management


Measurable results

TRIA was established in 2000

The goal was to transmit and bring innovation to the infrastructure and
in company processes first through consultancy and then through the development of solutions.
The large-scale retail trade sector was the first involved in this change and with which we are still collaborating.

Business Process Management

In 2005 a new methodology was adopted which allows us to consolidate knowledge regarding business processes and their integration with IT systems.

Enterprise Decision Management

Since 2007, TRIA has developed a new area dedicated to the study and implementation of solutions that measure business performance.
TRIA, already present in the Retail sector, arrives in Fashion and Industries.

What is our mission?

We generate a win-win relationship with customers, working in partnership - according to a Continuous Improvement model.
We follow our customers with constant assistance, making technology and business collaborate. We help companies to effectively manage the main competitive asset: the corporate knowledge that passes through information systems.
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