Enterprise Decision Management Solutions

Merchandise Financial Planning

The solution helps planners and merchandisers in defining and planning financial and merchandise goals. The sales planning is based on historical data and forecast demand.

The Merchandise Financial Plan is reconciled, in the second phase, with the Sales Plan in order to provide merchandisers their planning target at a suitable level.

Open to Buy

The solution supports the Open to Buy planning, it also allows you to keep the demand and stock necessary for sales under control and to guarantee greater quality in the subsequent Pre-Season planning cycle.

Assortment Plan

TRIA has implemented a solution to improve the productivity of the assortment and to reduce the number of SKUs. The Assortment Plan allows you to increase the performance of the Top Line Retail, with a relative increase in Sell Through.

We have developed a collaborative solution, where connections and alignments between Head Quarter and Regional areas are frequent and bring added value to the process.

Buying Process

The buying process is guided and controlled by the Assortment which, thanks to an accurate initialisation of the buying plan, provides guidelines for production.

Initial Allocation and Forecasting

Through various KPIs based on forecasting and sales objectives, the solution provides a platform for monitoring the sales trends of a selection of products. The solution also calculates the seasonality curves and offers an accurate sales forecast.

The main benefits are an organized and planned production that follows seasonal trends and forecasts and the monitoring of high-selling stores. The solution allows you to plan an assortment that reflects the needs of consumers.


The purpose of the Replenishment solution is to optimize the stock available in each store and increase its Sell Through.
Optimization is possible thanks to the centralization of the processes, in which the inventory is done upstream and a Replenishment integrated with the assortment process.

The solution allows you to set rules that manage the attributes and characteristics of SKUs and stores. Forecasting is based on attributes and guides the allocation of the goods. The process review phase is not total but only by exception, thus making the process easier and faster.

Distribution Planning

The solution supports merchandisers and controllers in the intake distribution planning process.

The user can focus on sales and sell thru pre-established targets, can modify threshold and verify lower sales.
He can control stock values and manage markdown phase during selling process.

Wholesale Planning

It is an integrated and collaborative system for the wholesale seasonal planning of the Gross Order Book, for the de-risking and the planning of net sales. The solution also allows the continuous collaboration between Sales and Finance both centrally and regionally.

The wholesale planning improves the knowledge of the customer's conditions and the real target set as well as allowing to monitor and contain the risks related to the whole planning process.
The solution supports sales and financial planning allowing a continuous alignment in terms of objective and timing.

Price Oprimization

The solution supports the customer in the rapid changes related to the market, keeping the price competitiveness high.
Competitive Advantage

The tool allows the user to check and adjust prices in order to maintain or achieve a competitive advantage over the corresponding competitors or to realign the price in the correct products' positioning.


It is possible to activate a new price list to cover new openings. As a starting point, the price list used is that defined by a price area or a mix.
All prices can be adjusted to standardize the fragmented ones relating to the same or different areas, as well as their revision.

Macro Space Optimization

The solution uses different elements to define the best combination of product families to be displayed on the shelves and which allows the maximum economic return but respecting the established constraints.
Metrics Analysis

The tool analyzes various metrics: the square meters occupied by the product families in relation to their revenue and in relation to the constraints linked to the maximum and minimum space dedicated to the product families.

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